Charles RutledgeCharles Rutledge is a senior system administrator with Peer 1 Hosting and is a part the SWAT group.  Since joining Peer 1 in June of 2008, he has gained a reputation as a preeminent problem solver, finding solutions for even the toughest issues.

He started his career with NCR Corporation back in the early days of the personal computer and has been involved in Information Technology every since.  He is a recognized expert with both Windows and Linux.

His involvement with Windows began with Windows 3.1 and continued through all versions released since, both client and server versions.  This includes such Microsoft technologies as Active Directory, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), .NET Framework, and Terminal Services

His involvement with Linux began in late 1993, when he purchased a copy of the Soft Landing Systems distribution with Linux kernel 0.99pl12.  He quickly adopted Slackware, which he has been using ever since.  But he also uses both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.  And he has worked with such open source technologies as Apache, Samba, Sendmail, qmail, OpenSWAN, and MySQL.

Networking is not out of his league, either.  He has built multisite networks for a number of small companies using technologies that include Frame Relay, Point-to-Point over T1 and Dial-up, IPX, TCP/IP, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, IPSec, Ethernet, and wireless.

He holds MCP, MCTS – SQL Server 2008, and LPIC-1 Linux certifications.

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